While serving as an adjunct faculty member at San Diego State University in Music, I was commissioned to write a composition for the Pasadena Pops Orchestra which inspired me to focus on writing collaborative music in the arts full time.

Along with my wife Kimberly, we founded Special Blend Music, a music service provider for the Television, Video Game and Film industries.  Our first project was part of the development team on two video games for Oberon Media (iwin games) and Big Fish Games providing the entire original musical score and Sound Design (Special Blend Music).  

That experience was extremely rewarding from a creative perspective. It taught us the most important lesson in this business: build relationships and being a team member.  Whether it is a video game programmer, film director, project manager or studio executive, we listen, offering creative solutions that help tell the story.  

Since then, I have scored original music for video games, films and provided production music for over 100+ television shows on all Major networks worldwide.

As for Special Blend Music, it continues music and sound design services not only for film and video game companies, but in all areas in the music industry.  To learn more about Special Blend Music, click here.